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Longhorn Consulting

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We leverage open source technologies to design, build, and deliver solutions in five key areas:

  • Digital workflow and case management
  • Content management
  • Mobile applications
  • Systems integration
  • Turnkey solutions
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Government, and the public sector

Government, and the public sector

We pride ourselves on delivering digital services that meet, and often exceed GDS digital service standards, and have an excellent track record with assessment outcomes. We are involved in the following phases of digital service delivery:

  • Technical discovery
  • Alpha prototyping
  • Beta delivery

We provide expert consultation

Our clients draw on our real-world experience and deep levels of expertise in building, delivering and supporting digital services. We have helped both public and private sector organisations to cultivate agile teams through agile coaching, and to develop digital product strategies and produce clear, measurable outcomes.

We provide expert consultation
We provice excellent value

We provide excellent value

We help businesses and organisations discover, prototype and build digital platforms and services. We offer tremendous value by leveraging proven open source technologies, and working in small, scalable teams. We are committed to agile ways of working, with a focus on delivering clear, and measurable outcomes.