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Longhorn Consulting

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Delivering digital

We help businesses to build digital capabilities;
accelerating digital transformation and enabling new innovation and creativity.

and lean

Utilising agile development methodologies and frameworks, including scrum allows us to deliver functioning products quickly. We compliment and amplify the benefits of agile ways of working by incorporating lean development principles, focusing on eliminating processes that yield little or no value, and empowering teams to adapt, iterate and deliver value as quickly as possible.

Agile, and lean
Embracing change

Embracing change

We plan for success and prepare for change. We practice continuous delivery to ensure we build, test and release feature changes quickly and safely, while maintaining product quality and integrity through test driven development, automation, and continuous integration.

Serious about privacy and security

We take information security and user privacy seriously. Implementing robust security standards and practices is at the very core of the services we design, build and deliver. We work closely with our clients to ensure user privacy, and data protection compliance.

Serious about privacy and security