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Longhorn Consulting

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Through workshops and stakeholder engagement we learn about your business, your teams and operations, and the technology you have in place. We develop a detailed understanding of your customer’s needs. Building on a solid foundation of business analysis and user research we formulate a design plan and develop a plan that closely aligns your business goals with digital ambitions and customer satisfaction.

Our discovery methods
Our strategy


When we develop a digital strategy, we look at the whole picture and identify where transformation is needed to implement strategy. We build a roadmap outlining key milestones and specify measurable outcomes. We don’t change everything at once; we take a plug and play approach that allows us to target specific parts of your business rather than reinvent the whole value chain. Our advantages include reduced risk, faster turnaround and simplified manageability, with benefits that are more immediately tangible.


Through a winning combination of in-house and hired expertise, we produce experienced teams that focus on delivering the best possible outcomes. We form scrum teams that are self-organising, collaborative, cross-functional, and focused on delivery. Where possible, our teams are co-located on-site where they can interact with the business directly and efficiently. Our model allows us to continuously transfer industry leading knowledge and expertise to your business, up-skilling your people and bolstering your digital capabilities.

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Agile frameworks encourage teams to focus on producing outcomes that satisfy business and customer needs as early as possible. As experienced practitioners, we help and encourage businesses to adopt agile ways of working to get the most from digital. Read about how we work in an agile way.


The cost of delivering high-end digital solutions and IT infrastructure is continuously reducing. Technologies that might have been the sole reserve of FTSE 100 companies only 5 years ago are now freely available to any business with the expertise to take full advantage of them. The key to this change is open source technology.

Focusing on proven technologies, we build on open source software and deliver robust solutions that scale to meet the highest demands in performance and reliability. We can reduce software licensing costs, and eliminate proprietary infrastructure buy-in, significantly lowering your IT costs.



Whether we are building engaging front-end applications or delving deep into complex back-end services, we share your drive to maximise the return on your investment. We achieve this in several important ways:

  • Our solutions are designed and developed with reusability and expandability in mind so that future solutions can be built more rapidly by utilising common components.
  • We automate our test and build processes so that we’re able to identify issues quickly and make them right.
  • We use continuous integration to manage evolving features by merging incremental improvements into development and staging environments where features are evaluated by real-world users.
  • Our continuous delivery pipelines ensure that we are always ready to deploy planned features into production environments with minimal impact to live services.