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Longhorn Consulting

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About us

Our methodology is agile, and so is our team structure.

We are a passionate and dynamic team of digital consultants who are based in London but work with clients globally. Whilst we have a core Longhorn Consulting team, we scale up and down dependent on the projects we are working on, and the particular resources we require.

We aim to exceed our client’s expectations each and every time they work with us. We will accept nothing less. This means we are tenacious, inquisitive, and will push back on requirements if we think something could be done better.

Our role is to build digital capabilities and accelerate digital transformation, enabling new innovation and creativity.

Signed by Nao Yoshino, Founder and director

Nao Yoshino

Signed by Kayvan Sadeghi, Founder and director

Kayvan Sadeghi

Longhorn directors Nao Yoshino and Kayvan Sadeghi